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COSM 2013

Collaborative Organizations and Social Media 2013: April 12
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COSM 2013 Poster

Social media and social networking sites have become important objects of interdisciplinary study. “Collaborative Organizations and Social Media” is a one-day symposium which will consider the ways in which the developing scholarship on social media and social networking might be incorporated into thinking critically about how social computing may be affecting and even forming organizations. The focus will be around exploring the use of social media in collaborative organizational structures.
Collaborative Organizations and Social Media will extend current scholarship on social media and social networking sites to understanding the role of these social computing technologies in organizations. New social computing technologies have the potential to change relationships within organizations in that previously monologic dictums can now be interrogated, individually situated, or affirmed through an interaction with the specific person who posted that information. However, social computing, like any new Web 2.0 applications, are socially stratified along class, racial, gender, age and other lines. Individuals in organizations from lower socioeconomic backgrounds may be unable to use social media due to the lack of English-language literacy or poorer writing skills.
The symposium will enable participants to present on their current research in this emerging field. Among the questions and areas in the symposium are:
  • How do we evaluate the utility of social computing technologies to virtual organizations?
  • How do social media and social networking technologies shape organizational structures?
  • Can social media and social networking enhance trust relationships within organizations?
  • How do we identify and understand social media cyberinfrastructures within virtual teams?
  • What can social network analysis tell us about how social media affects collaborative organizations and processes?
The symposium would like to tackle, in particular, the ways in which we can use the insights of multiple disciplines to answer these questions. We plan to curate some open submission panels as well as an invited panel and a keynote session on social media and collaborative organizations.
Invited Speakers
The program features invited speakers Nicole Ellison (UMich), George Ritzer (UMD), Peter Gloor (MIT), and Jennifer Earl (University of Arizona).
Dates and Location
The conference will be held April 12, 2013 on the campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The most convenient lodging is located at the Inn at Brunswick Station. For more information, call the inn at 207-837-6565 or visit their website.The Inn at Brunswick Station. The location is easily accessible from Boston as well as by air from Portland Airport [PWM].
Additional Information
We encourage you to pass this information to others who may be interested. For a more complete description of the scope, please visit For any questions, please email
National Science Foundation
Social Network Innovation Lab, Bowdoin College